Section 1 | The Importance of Fertility, the Oestrus Cycle and Heifer Breeding

This video explains the importance of fertility, the oestrus cycle and heifer breeding. Fertility is an important driver of production as cows produce more milk when they first calve.

There are three open source handouts that can be viewed or downloaded at bottom of the page:

📝 PDF 12 vs 18 months

📝 PDF Milk Production Curve

Well grown heifers calving at 24 months will produce more milk and become pregnant again more quickly. ILRI have produced a growth chart that is also available below.

📝 PDF ILRI Target Weights using a Weighband

Goopy, J.P. and Gakige J.K. (eds.) 2016. Smallholder dairy farmer training manual. ILRI Manual 24. Nairobi, Kenya: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

1.1. 12 vs 18 Months.pdf
1.2. Milk Production Curve.pdf
1.3. IRLI Target Weights & Using a Weighband.pdf
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